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Ilona Lewis


Ilona Lewis

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Describe yourself in a few short sentences.

I am an outgoing, thrill seeking, determined all American girl that loves to laugh, volunteer, spend time with my family and travel!
Photo Credit : Josh Triggs 3MIPhotography

Why do want to compete in the Miss CALENDAR GIRL Pageant?

I competed in Miss Bikini US in 2018 and had a blast. Though I didn’t walk away with the title I left with so much more. I gained not only friends but sisters, I got to be the person I am and had so much fun doing it. I’d love the opportunity to get to come back.

What is your edge over the other candidates?

I would say that I am a great leader. I have my own business so I possess a lot of people skills. I feel I have the ability to lift people up and offer them valuable advice to inspire them and make their goals come true.